Purpose of the enterprise ---- manufacture branded products, to serve the community people.

Company's goals ---- do ring Wei Sheng brand, casting first-class enterprise.

Company spirit ---- pragmatic and pioneering spirit.

Core values ​​---- customer, results-oriented, professional spirit, respect for employees, beyond the self, assertive, integrity, law-abiding, and perseverance.

Business development strategy ---- high starting point, quickly catching up, operating characteristics, scientific management, science and technology promotion, doing fine and stronger.

Business philosophy ---- product does not feature there is no market, no staff expertise and personality is equal foil.

Business ideas ---- either quit, we must fight to dry first.

Master concept ---- into the plant do not work hard, not Wei Sheng people.

Notion of responsibility ---- no matter what the conditions, no matter what happens, no matter what the reason, no matter what the difficulties, must do a good job, the task must be completed.

Market concept ---- create markets.

 Marketing concept after the first buy credit ---- sell products.

 Customer satisfaction is the concept of service benefits.

Quality concept ---- Quality is the cornerstone of the brand, is the life.

Production concept ---- lean production.

Procurement concept ---- "Three shopping", that is, parity purchasing, bidding, purchasing online.

Technology concept ---- technological innovation, strength booster.

People-oriented management philosophy, Founding system; on the matter, Albert, Nissin high.

Concept of employment ---- with the right people to do the appropriate thing.

Style philosophy ---- rapid response, immediate action.

Code of Practice ---- realistic, physical and psychological investment.

Production safety philosophy ---- safety above all else.

Employee career outlook ---- do a good self.

Learning Concept ---- lifelong learning.

Error View ---- can not make the same mistake a second time.

Improving the outlook ---- self-improvement.

Faith ---- pride and self-reliance, and enthusiastic.